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Dissolution of Marriage FAQ

How long does a divorce take in Indiana?

A divorce in the State of Indiana takes a minimum of 60 days and can last years.

What is the most common reason for divorce?

The most common reason for divorce in my 31-years of experience is economic reasons. The second most common reason is infidelity.

How long do you have to be separated before you can file for a divorce in Indiana?

You do not have to be separated to file for divorce in the State of Indiana.

How much does a divorce cost?

The filing fee for a divorce is $157. The attorney’s fees for a divorce depend on the complexity of the case, the conflict between the parties, and other factors.

How do I start a divorce proceeding?

A good start to a divorce proceeding is contacting a qualified attorney who will know the appropriate documents to file to get the divorce started.

What happens if one spouse does not want a divorce?

The State of Indiana is a no-fault-divorce state, which means a divorce can be granted even if one party does not want the divorce to happen.

How do I leave my spouse when I have no money?

Motions can be filed with the Court to ask the Court for fees and attorney’s fees to assist a spouse that does not have monies to go forward with a divorce. Otherwise, parties typically rely upon their family and friends or take out a loan to finance the divorce.

Does a spouse get half of the 401k in a divorce?

The Court starts with the presumption that the parties divide equally all assets and debts that were accrued during the course of the marriage. This would include any 401k.

How do you decide child custody?

The Court looks at numerous factors to determine the appropriate determination of child custody. The Court always acts in the child’s best interest when deciding custody.


What does DUI stand for?

DUI mean driving under the influence. In Indiana the charge would be Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated – OVWI.

What charge is a DUI in Indiana?

A first offense OVWI in the State of Indiana is a Class C and/or a Class A Misdemeanor, unless other factors come into play.

What happens if you get a DUI in Indiana?

If you get an OVWI in the State of Indiana, there is the potential of jail time, probation, a driver’s license suspension, alcohol classes and other consequences.

How long is a OVWI on your record?

Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated stays on a criminal record indefinitely in the State of Indiana. That is not necessarily true as it relates to your driving record. It can show up indefinitely on a background check. However, it can be expunged after a certain period of time.

Is a DUI, a Felony?

A DUI can be a felony in the State of Indiana. There are certain aggravating circumstances like if you have a prior Operating Vehicle While Intoxicated within five (5) years, if there is serious bodily injury, or if there are minors in the vehicle.

Is your license suspended immediately after a DUI in Indiana?

A driver’s license will be suspended if the Court finds probable cause that you have committed Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated.

Do I need a lawyer for the First DUI in Indiana?

Yes, the consequences of a Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated include: jail time, probation, driver’s license suspension, fines and court costs. A lawyer is trained to review the evidence and render assistance according to the law.

Can you expunge a DUI in Indiana?

A misdemeanor can be expunged after five (5) years, a felony can be expunged after eight (8) years.

What is “legally drunk” in Indiana?

For purposes of the driving statutes, a person who operates a vehicle with an alcohol concentration equivalent to at least .08’s gram of alcohol, but less than .1500 grams of alcohol per 100 ml of the person’s blood, or 210 liters of the person’s breathe, can be charged with Operating a vehicle While intoxicated.

What happens if I get a DUI while on bail?

If charged with an Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated while on bail, the court can revoke your bail on the original case.